Commitment to Safety


As the COVID-19 pandemic settles and mandates begin to ease, we remain committed to the safety of our participants and families. We assure you we will keep this at the forefront of our attention at all times while remaining mindful of the importance of connection and both verbal and non-verbal communication. Bloom is a JUDGEMENT-FREE organization and we invite everyone to act according to their comfort levels. The following health & safety measures will still remain in place:

  • Evergreen Community Spaces has lifted the mask mandate, but still strongly recommend guests wear a mask while in the facility.  As physical activity with a mask on is challenging, Bloom has removed the mandatory mask rule during class time, but welcome masks at participant and staff discretion. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be available upon entering the dance studio and encouraged throughout classes. 
  • Physical distancing will be maintained via visual markers as best as possible in all classes. 
  • Cleaning and sanitization of all primary “touch points” within the dance studio will be performed before/after classes and the facility is cleaned regularly. 
  • All those attending our programs will be expected to use the Daily Checklist: to identify if they should attend or stay home if feeling any symptoms.
  • Attendance by anyone with any COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms is STRICTLY prohibited.
  • As we are a small grassroots organization with the upmost priority to support our community in their physical, social and mental health amidst this unpredictable pandemic, we invite families to join our programs at their comfort level and NO REFUNDS will be issued due to COVID-19 related circumstances.  Access to our virtual Zoom class or credit will be an option if in-person attendance is restricted.
  • Please be aware our programs take place in a community facility utilized by several other groups at the same time.  The facility adheres to the guidelines set in place by the Government of Alberta and each group is responsible for their own safety standards as such.  While we will do our due diligence as an organization, we cannot control the safety standards upheld by other groups.