Breathe in the fresh air; wander through and dance in the snow, puddles or grassy fields; connect with friends IN-PERSON and embrace all the first sights of spring in this NEW Movement in Nature Program.  We are taking our dance, movement and yoga programs outdoors and exploring all that nature has to offer!


Each class will begin with a nature-based, mindfulness walk through the park or a group social game to regulate our sensory systems, warm-up our bodies and draw our attention to the beautiful sights and sounds that surround us. Facilitators will then lead the participants through an engaging and high energy dance/movement class with a focus on gross and fine motor skills, rhythm, strength, coordination and body awareness incorporating varying styles of dance including zumba, creative movement, jazz, hip hop and improvisation. Props will be creatively utilized to enhance the dance experience. Classes will then conclude with a yoga-based cool-down and relaxation followed by a Mindful Sharing Circle to target social skills in a loosely structured conversational time where all voices may be heard, whether vocally or visually.


  • Weekly Registration $34.50/class 
  • Classes are 1.5 hours in duration
  • June-July  
  • For All Ages & Abilities
  • Participants must attend with their OWN aide unless independent in mobility and following instructions
  • COVID guidelines in place for outdoor gatherings
Tuesdays 430-6 pm (June 8-July 6)
Children-Youth (South)

Wednesdays 6-730 pm (June 16-July 14)
Teens-Adults (South)

Saturdays 10-1130 am (June 26-July 24)
All Ages (North)



SOUTH Location - Fish Creek Park (Glennfield Entrance)
*Alternate South Location - Mid-Sun Community Centre green space
NORTH Location - Confederation Park (10 St NW Entrance)
***Washrooms NOT available***


Quality Community Aides available for hire - please contact

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