From the comfort of your own home!


Mixed Movement for All Abilities
with Miss Telisa
(All Ages)

Tuesdays - 630-730 pm (Apr 5-June 14 excluding Apr 19)

Despite being behind a screen, these high energy and creatively engaging virtual classes promise to get bodies moving and faces smiling each and every week! Blending together pumping music and various dance styles including zumba, hip hop, creative movement and improvisation along with social games and fun household props, this program will entice and engage its participants causing them to forget they are dancing alone at home!

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Beats+Bops for All Abilities
with Miss Jessy
(All Ages)

Thursdays - 515-615 pm (Apr 7-June 16 excluding Apr 21)

A hilariously fun spin on a traditional music class! Facilitated by a comedian and musician, this upbeat and engaging virtual program combines interactive musical games, jamming to self-made rhythms and melodies and, of course, singing and dancing too! With roars of laughter and cheers of excitement, this program brings the musical silliness out of all its participants.

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$157.50/10 Week Session

  • Classes are 60 minutes
  • Zoom Interactive Platform - To access the virtual classes, utilize the Zoom link included in the Booking Confirmation email. DO NOT DELETE the booking confirmation email as that will be the link you use for each subsequent week to access the class.
  • Participants should be supported physically and/or behaviourally by a parent or caregiver as necessary for the fullest involvement in the class
  • Participants should wear comfortable clothing and have access to a water bottle nearby for water breaks throughout class
  • Setting up in a brightly lit room is ideal so we may see participants clearly for better interaction with them
  • Sound/volume will be improved by hooking up to a speaker instead of using your computer audio, but sound/video may not be perfect
  • To have the best success, minimize usage on your WIFI network and be close to your internet router