Bloom is a playful, non-judgemental and supportive community that enhances the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families through a comprehensive range of programs that strive to pursue joy, sustain health and offer belonging and purpose.



Inspiring purpose in people with disabilities.  


Core Values 

Guiding how we treat ourselves, others and nature and how we approach program development, community relationships, presented opportunities, and challenges or hurdles that may arise.
Move - Bloom aspires to use movement as a catalyst for expression, connection, self-discovery, sustainable health, emotional regulation and, above all, JOY!

Inspire - Bloom aspires to ignite imagination through thoughtful programs and intentional interactions that invite people to discover their purpose through the magical chaos of life.  
Connect - Bloom aspires to cultivate a collective of like-minded individuals whose goal is acceptance versus integration, fostering genuine relationships and a true sense of belonging while establishing healthy cycles of growth. 

Respect - Bloom aspires to create a diverse and inclusive community where all of us, members, employees and volunteers, feel heard, valued and accepted as we embrace what is and reject the identification of deficits or labels in people or nature.