Wilderness Retreat to Fuel the Soul


Experience the therapeutic magic of horses and nature in this one-of-a-kind opportunity. Participants will partake in horse riding and painting with calm, exquisite horses, easel art in a tranquil forest, a nature walk in this serene setting and a hotdog roast on an open fire. The day will be pure magic and fulfillment for all!  

Horse Magic for Families with Special Needs

Saturday - Oct 2 - 11am-3pm

  • All Ages & Abilities Welcome
  • Parent/Aide + Participant with Special Needs
  • Siblings are welcome to attend as an additional participant

Bragg Creek
(Precise directions will be emailed prior to event)


$85/participant - includes hotdog lunch for all

What to Bring
  • Participants should wear weather appropriate clothing and comfortable walking shoes. Mobility accessories or devices are always welcome.
  • In the case of diet restrictions or allergies to hotdog lunch, participants and support person should bring their own nut-free lunch and snacks
  • Participants/support person should bring a water bottle
  • All personal belongings should be carried in a backpack

Nestled in West Bragg Creek is nature's breath taking Trails End, where we are greeted with smiles and beautiful horses each week. The therapy is four fold, nature's quiet life giving presence surrounds you, the horses gentle and responsive manner is something to witness, there are physical theraputic benefits from working with the horses, and the relational connection with Christiane and the horses is uplifting.

The various ways to engage with the horses seems endless and Christiane is gifted at seeing what a moment needs and can be flexible to accommodate any given need. We always look forward to our visits here and they are the highlight of Arwen and Whitney's week.




Arwen has loved riding at Liberty Kids Therapeutic Riding. (Trails's End). The instructor is lovely and meets Arwen right on her level encouraging Arwen to push her limits but making it engaging and fun. We have always felt that Arwen was in safe hands with someone leading the horse and someone walking along side while she works on her riding skills. These horses somehow know they need to be careful with Arwen and stay calm even when Arwen is excited and moving quickly and or making noise. Getting to spend time with the horses has been the highlight of Arwen's week this past year.

- Elaine (Arwen’s Mom)