Spending days meaningfully!

Expressive Arts Day Program (Adults 18+)

Tuesdays - Sept 28-Dec 14 - 10am-3pm

A day designed to explore and tap into the creative soul through dance & movement, yoga & mindfulness, music & rhythm, improvisation & drama along with a variety hour that changes weekly and incorporates hands-on arts-based activities that offer purposeful engagement. Participants will create meaningful relationships with likeminded individuals while spending their day purposefully stimulating mind, body and soul. 


10-11 - Dance & Yoga
11-12 - Beats & Bops
12-1245 - Lunch & Social Time
1245-145 - Drama & Improvisation
145-3 - Variety Hour


Evergreen Community Spaces - 1709 8 Ave NE #2 (Spruce Studio)

  • $600/12 Week Session (Full Days 10am-3pm)
  • $180/12 Week Session (Individual 1-Hour Classes ex: Dance & Yoga)
  • $225/12 Week Session (Individual Variety Hour)
What to Bring
    • Participants are invited to wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in (ex: yoga or sweat pants and t-shirt or tank top). Bare feet or indoor shoes are welcome and ladies’ hair should be tied back in a pony tail or something similar. Mobility accessories or devices are always welcome.
    • Participants and support staff should bring a nut-free lunch and labelled water bottle each week
    • The facility has day use lockers available and participants/support staff are welcome to bring their own locks if desired. There are also coat racks and mats in the common areas outside the studios for placement of outdoor shoes and jackets.