Fuelling Dreams, Empowering Lives


Bloom Wellness Collective is on a journey to make Dance and Expressive Arts accessible to those living with disabilities. As a non-profit organization, we are NOT driven by financial gain, but rather by the collective well-being and joyful fulfillment of those we serve. Quality over quantity is always our focus and we strive to offer the highest of quality programs with extensively trained and skilled facilitators, low class sizes with high staff ratios and accessible and welcoming facilities. This high quality comes at a cost of time, money and resources and while we do our best to ensure our programs and services are accessible to all, despite financial backgrounds, we rely on and are beyond grateful for the generous support of our extended community --
TOGETHER, we can make a difference!


Skip the Depot

We proudly announce our exciting partnership with SkipTheDepot, revolutionizing the way you can contribute to our cause. Experience the convenience of our collaboration by downloading the app, signing up, and effortlessly scheduling a pick-up for your cans, clothing and even electronics!

Pay It Forward Fund

Bloom's "Pay It Forward Fund" was created as a result of generous monetary donations from our community! The funds donated allow us to subsidize the cost for those families that may need the financial support to partake in one of our programs. This spirit of giving has broken down financial barriers to ensure our dance and expressive arts programs are accessible to ALL!