Inspiring people with disabilities to live on purpose, with purpose.

Inspiring people with disabilities to live on purpose, with purpose.

the reason for which something exists

Our Purpose

Every human is born with purpose and those with disabilities are no exception. We are all dreamers, doers, movers, expressers, makers and connectors in some way or another at heart and while sometimes life gets a wee bit messy, we need to be reminded why we are who we are and what makes who we are so special.

At Bloom, we believe the messy and chaos of life is pure magic and if we can help others see the magic and inspire their purpose, we believe that’s where true happiness lies. Whether through music and movement, art and our senses, nature and mindfulness, we all have the ability to reach deep into our souls to find what makes us ‘tick’ and we all deserve the opportunity to explore that which inspires us.

Connection is the key to belonging. Recognizing our participants' characteristics as being worthy and constructive helps them realize their impact on those around them and offers a new perspective on the value they bring to one another and their community. We believe that through dance parties, playful exploration, mindful conversations and outdoor adventures, we foster and build natural connections to create a community that, together, can encourage, support and love enough to withstand all the messiness of life.  

When we live on purpose, with purpose we can BLOOM!