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Program Descriptions

Want to learn more about what each program entails or which may be the best fit for your participant, visit our Program Descriptions Page.


Evergreen Community Spaces - 1709 8 Ave NE #2

Wednesdays - Pine Studio
Thursdays - Birch Studio
Saturdays - Studio TBD


$230/10 Week Session

Programs/Session Dates

Mixed Movement for All Abilities (Bloomers)
Wednesdays 530-630 pm
(Apr 6-June 15 excluding Apr 20)

Mixed Movement for All Abilities (Bl-Awesomes)
Thursdays 645-745 pm
(Apr 7-June 16 excluding Apr 21)

Mixed Movement for All Abilities (Buds)
Saturdays 11:45am-12:45pm
(Apr 2-June 18 excluding Apr 16 & May 21)


What to Bring
  • Participants are invited to wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in (ex: yoga or sweat pants and t-shirt or tank top). Bare feet or indoor shoes are welcome and girls’ hair should be tied back in a pony tail or something similar. Mobility accessories or devices are always welcome.
  • Participants should bring a labelled water bottle each week.
  • The facility has day use lockers available and participants/support staff are welcome to bring their own locks if desired. There are also coat racks and mats in the common areas outside the studios for placement of outdoor shoes and jackets.
Important Reminders
  • Please refer to the COVID-19 Safety Page for requirements and policies regarding COVID-19.
  • We are fortunate to offer a 1:3 ratio of volunteer mentors to participants in all our programs. If your participant requires 1:1 support, please arrange for their OWN aide to attend with them.
  • For health and safety purposes, participants and guests in Evergreen Community Spaces are strongly encouraged to wear a mask while in the facility.  As physical activity with a mask on is challenging, masks will be optional inside the dance studio for participants and staff.  Bloom is a judgement-free organization and we invite everyone to act according to their comfort levels with regards to wearing a mask. 

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